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Kinsler Adjusts Winter Workouts To Ready For New Club

Is that what it is?" Kinsler asked reporters. "I thought that was the locker room, to be honest with you." It's hard to blame Kinsler for being a little lost. Sunday was his first "first day" since 2003. After 11 years in the Rangers' organization, the Tigers' new second baseman said he Max Workouts for women was "ecstatic" to get a fresh start this Spring Training. "I honestly couldn't be more excited," Kinsler said. "To come to a club like this and a team that's been right there for many years in a row is a great change. "To leave behind what I know as far as the ins and outs of the whole organization is honestly refreshing.
More http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/det/second-baseman-ian-kinsler-adjusts-winter-workouts-to-ready-for-detroit-tigers?ymd=20140216&content_id=67836750

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